type writer for authorship best practices

Authorship best practice

This article explores the impact of authorship indicators on a website; specifically the benefits of author bios and author pages....

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local seo strategy blog header for up your seo

Local SEO strategy – the essentials

If your business has a local customer or client base, Local SEO can benefit you. If properly optimised, local listings...

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What you should never ignore during a migration

There are a number of reasons you may decide to migrate your site; a rebrand, consolidation of multiple brand domains,...

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seo series

Maximising Google Business Profile performance

If your business operates from several different branches or locations, chances are you’ll have multiple Google Business Profile (GBP) listings....

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Has the secured loan industry been hit by Googles Payday Loans updates

Has the secured loans industry been hit by Google’s Payday Loans updates?

The secured loans market is predicted to double in size to over £1billion within the next three years, according to...

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