The rising fame of bloggers and vloggers – what it could mean for search marketing

Jun 24th, 2016

Five years ago, Zoe Sugg, Tanya Burr, Jim Chapman and Louise Pentland were unheard of. Flash forward to 2016 and they are all household names. They are part of the YouTube generation and Zoe Sugg AKA Zoella is the undisputed queen of YouTube in the United Kingdom. She has 10.6million YouTube subscribers, 752million views and 4.9million Twitter followers

Each of her videos getting over a million views in a couple of days. Her enthusiastic and friendly personality resonates with teens and young adults alike, and her influence on their purchasing habits cannot be under estimated. An item endorsed by any celebrity vlogger will be seen as a must have item or accessory by their impressionable fan base.

It is surely the dream of any beauty or fashion company to either be reviewed or featured on any of her videos or tweets. However a suitably placed ad could be just as effective. If just 10% or her audience can be reached you’d have a market of 100,000 people and if a further 10% of them convert on your website, that will be 10,000 conversions and that’s just for one ad. This could potentially mean a significant ROI and who doesn’t want that?

The downside to this is that these “superstar” vloggers are going to come at a heavy price. Maintaining the relationship with the bloggers/vloggers you regularly work with for your outreach campaigns is vital. The reason for this is that you never know when a small time blogger will make it to the big time. If you have nurtured a relationship with them they will be more inclined to continue to work with you and help to promote client’s products of services without charging you through the nose.

It’s not just the fashion and beauty world that can benefit from the YouTube Empire. With a myriad of different YouTubers each providing a different area of content from video games to cooking, the possibilities are endless.

Additionally, the majority of vloggers also run their own blog. A well-placed link on one of their blogs will also reach a wide audience, potentially wider than an ad place on one of their YouTube videos. As the link will be fixed to the blog there could be multiple conversions over a long period of time which would lead to a greater ROI.

If one of the bloggers that you frequently use does see a vast increase in visits it is likely that the new visitors will go back and re-read old blogs and if they were to stumble across one with a link to the clients website there is a likelihood that they will click onto the website and this could lead to an increase in conversion rate.

You don’t know who the next Zoella is, so nurturing relationships and investing in the bloggers you currently work with could be hugely beneficial down the line.

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