Titans of Search
Navigating the digital labyrinth, conquering leading search trends, and myth busting in the modern era.

From how to conquer the latest trends shaping the search realm, to exploring how ancient digital marketing history might impact our future – Issue 13 of Benchmark magazine is available to read now.

The digital marketing experts at Click Consult have seamlessly infused their proficient knowledge on digital and search marketing trends with the fantastical world of Greek Mythology to deliver cutting-edge insights, and uncover the truths hidden beneath the surface of common misconceptions about digital marketing.

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The expert contributors from the award-winning search and digital marketing agency have drawn parallels between ancient Greek legends and modern marketing challenges, highlighting how they can be navigated to maximise digital success for your brand.

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Navigating the digital labyrinth

Delve into innovative strategies for effectively maneuvering through the complex and ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing.

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Conquering leading search trends

Discover the latest trends dominating the search engine landscape and learn how to leverage them to stay ahead of the competition.

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Myth busting in the modern era

Each article tackles and debunks common misconceptions in digital marketing, providing data-driven insights to clarify what truly works in today’s online environment.

We endeavour to produce a regular magazine not only packed with actionable insight, but that's also beautifully designed by our team of expert digital designers. You can check out any of our previous issues below...

Autumn 2023

  • All the most important news from the world of search and social media marketing from the last few months.

  • Discussion of EEAT guidelines in the insurance industry

  • Digital strategies for UK law firms to become and remain visible

  • How Paid Media (PPC) strategies can help - not hinder - marketing efforts in uncertain economic times

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Autumn 2022

  • All the most important news from the world of search and social media marketing from the last quarter.

  • Discussion of how online privacy is changing and what that means for users.

  • Digital avatars and AI influencers and what they mean for the future of content marketing.

  • How search will thrive in the metaverse - but not the metaverse we’re being sold.

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Winter 2021

  • All the most important news from the world of social media marketing from the last quarter

  • 2021 was the year of creative campaigns – we look at what we can learn from the year

  • Digital PR need not be a mystery as we break down the key aspects of the technique

  • 5 key considerations to help you better target your content to your audience

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Spring 2021

  • Straight from Click’s Marketing team we tackle the problem of measuring digital marketing effectiveness

  • Alan Reeves breaks down the latest Google Privacy Sandbox announcement and looks at the key features

  • Federated learning is a hot topic at the moment so why not let John Warner take you to ‘Youniversity’

  • Adam Warriner highlights the best way to get started with Facebook Advertising

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Spring 2020

  • Straight from Click’s Marketing team we look at how brands can achieve digital growth through SEO, PPC and content marketing

  • Andrea Swan explains how to identify technical issues in Google Search Console

  • Chloie Brandrick discusses influencer marketing and explains that size of audience isn’t everything

  • Our data and coding expert John Warner helps you to set up your first Data Studio report to monitor business growth

  • 10 SEO tips to grow your organic reach

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Winter 2019

  • Sarah Macklin tries to make sense of Google’s latest algorithm update – BERT

  • Click Consult CEO, Matt Bullas looks at how brands are targeting millennials to boost their sales

  • Relive the 5th Benchmark Search and Digital Conference with slides, videos and features

  • Radina Ivanova explains some of the things that brands should look out for in 2020

  • Search & Digital Marketing trends to watch out for in 2020

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Autumn 2019

  • Senior Content and Marketing Executive, Chloie Brandrick looks at the current state of play and how savvy content marketing can still drive high quality traffic to your website

  • Dan Sarath discusses how to make your content PR friendly

  • SEO expert and multiple Benchmark conference speaker, Lukasz Zelezny, about the importance of SEO

  • Senior Content Marketing Executive, Scott Rumsey explores some of the tactics brands can use to propel their business through PPC

  • 10 Steps to PR Glory

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Spring 2019

  • Head of Organic Search, Mark McGonigle tells us how to sow the seeds of SEO and grow your business

  • Hear what four of our experts think will be the biggest trend in 2019

  • Content and Marketing Executive, Scott Rumsey looks at the importance of organising your content calendar

  • Evolve your SEO strategy in 10 easy steps

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Winter 2018

  • Paid Search Executive, Andreea Gheorghe explores expanded text Ad formats

  • Digital Design Executive, Chloe Ridgway gives her three top tips for 2019

  • We take a look at bounce rate and how to keep your audience engaged

  • Find out more about the 10 key factors in search for 2019

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Autumn 2018

  • Our Head of Organic Search, Mark McGonigle looks at the mobile revolution

  • Key Account Manager, Jimmy Fernando discusses the importance of communication

  • Thinking about thinking – John Warner asks can metacognition help us develop better marketing strategies?

  • Find out more about the history of structured data and Schema mark-up

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Summer 2018

  • Our Head of Organic Search, Mark McGonigle looks at how the industry is reacting to Google algorithm updates

  • Senior Organic Search Strategist, Stuart Jones discusses the SEO factors that can have the greatest impact on your organic rankings

  • Chloie Brandrick speaks to Canon Europe’s Senior Technical SEO, Omi Sido about balancing content led SEO and the more technical side of the industry

  • Following Google’s confirmation of Mobile-First indexing we look at the history of mobile search in this handy infographic

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Go Viral Magazine Issue 1

Spring 2018

  • Our Head of Paid Search (PPC), Dave Karellen discusses attribution and the things you should be looking out for over the next 12 months

  • Stephanie and Lucy, two members of our content marketing team discuss the rise of the online influencer and why it is important for brands to build relationships

  • John Warner looks at a host of predictions from across the industry and presents what he feels the major ranking factors will be in 2018

  • The 20 points you should be focusing on for a positive 2018

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