First batch of Search Console messages received for Click clients moving to Mobile-First

May 18th, 2018

We were waiting quite some time for the release of the Mobile-First update, and it’s been some time since we were promised search console message – but they have finally arrived

While it doesn’t offer much in the way of advice (for that, you can always check our Making the move to Mobile Boxset), the promised Mobile-First messages have begun to come through to a number of the Search Console properties managed by Click Consult.

search console

The message offers a brief background on the move to Mobile-First indexing – covering the fact that the majority of Google’s users now use mobile devices to access the search engine, before stating that their analysis suggests parity between the UX of the desktop and mobile versions of the site and offering some links to various tools and reports.

It’s unlikely that webmasters, SEO (or other search marketing) practitioners accessing Search Console will be caught unawares by this message, but the decision to notify brands of the switch does allow brands and agencies to monitor the impact of the switch with a definitive start date from which to measure any consequences for traffic etc.

While we have by no means received such messages for all client properties, this message is the first I’ve seen so far and serves to make clear that the shift is definitely under way to the new Mobile-First era.

For those of our audience looking for some of the latest news and reviews about Mobile-First and what we need to be doing to succeed post switch, you can check out the second edition of our quarterly Benchmark Search Marketing Magazine, featuring (amongst others), an article from Vodafone’s very own Nick Wilsdon.

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