Mastering LinkedIn Advertising for Professional Services

Feb 1st, 2024

It’s all about playing where your audience is. And in the world of Professional Services, this audience is not (usually) found on TikTok or Instagram, but the business playground of LinkedIn. Boasting 900 million active users and continuing to grow, LinkedIn stands as an indispensable platform linking decision-makers globally.

Capitalising on this vast audience is paramount, so making a well-crafted LinkedIn ads strategy can be a game-changer for your business. From seamlessly blended sponsored content to dynamic messaging strategies, LinkedIn offers the ideal arena for precision targeting and building meaningful connections.

It’s not just about ads; LinkedIn is the only platform that allows you to target your audience based on job title and industry, rather than demographics like age and location.

Selecting the appropriate LinkedIn ad type sets the foundation for a successful campaign, so it’s important to align your ad content with the specific marketing objective. Explore the four main ad types below and choose which ad will work best to achieve your goals.

The total potential reach of ads on LinkedIn has exceeded 808.4 million in 2022Source

If you’re a LinkedIn regular, you’ve likely scrolled past a variety of sponsored content types without giving them a second thought. That’s because most of these ads blend so seamlessly into your homepage that they appear just like any other post – except for that ‘promoted’ tag near the top (see highlighted below) and a few strategically placed CTAs. This subtle integration into users’ feeds makes sponsored content a powerful advertising tool, especially for Professional Services.




With a spectrum of ad types at your fingertips, Professional Services can strategically choose from the 5 LinkedIn sponsored content ad formats available. A good tip for sponsored content ads is to trial as many ad styles as possible to identify which content resonates best with your audience.

  • Single image ads: These show up as (unsurprisingly) one image in the home page, and look like a normal, unpaid post, apart from the ‘promoted’ tag. (See image above).
  • Document ads: Documents aren’t just for heavy-duty business; they also have a place in sophisticated marketing. Establishing authority in Professional Services often requires more than a photo on LinkedIn, especially when dealing with complex information. With document ads, businesses can choose to promote downloadable whitepapers, reports, guides and more, meaning users are required to provide their information before accessing the content, helping to generate leads directly on the LinkedIn platform. It’s a strategic approach for Professional Services to share valuable insights, showcase expertise, and build a pool of high-quality leads.


  • Video ads: By 2025, videos are expected to dominate 82% of consumer internet traffic. Why? Because they provide a visual narrative, allowing you to showcase your brand rather than just narrating its story. A handy benefit of video ads is the retargeting possibilities. You can figure out what percentage of viewers watched your video, and use LinkedIn to retarget this audience. For instance, you can group together viewers who got as far as 70%through and retarget them specifically. Ensuring you have the correct formatting setup for video uploads is key here, or you could end up wasting valuable time, check out these uploading specifications before you start.



  • Carousel ads: Essentially, carousel ads just offer businesses more space to shout about a service. Swipe through 2-10 images of brand or service images, and for an added touch, integrate a Lead Gen Form with a compelling CTA.



  • Event ads: Event ads on LinkedIn are your ticket to reaching professionals with upcoming webinars, workshops, or industry conferences. Elevate your event by providing essential information directly in their feeds, allowing them to make informed decisions. With an engaging CTA, entice your audience to connect, ensuring your event stands out. Track your event’s performance easily, giving you valuable insights into its impact.


Image source

In the last 5 years, messages sent via LinkedIn Messaging has more than quadrupled, with message reply rate increasing 30% – LinkedIn

For businesses in the Professional Services sector, leveraging Sponsored Messaging on LinkedIn can be a game-changer. Formerly known as InMail, this feature offers two types of sponsored messaging: LinkedIn Messaging ads and Conversation ads.


When creating your Sponsored Messaging strategy, you should start off by aligning your offerings with your objectives, whether it’s boosting brand awareness, generating demand, or nurturing leads. Once you know the aim you can then consider whether to provide multiple CTAs or a single one which will guide your choice of ad format.

LinkedIn Message Ads

For Professional Services, where precision and impact are paramount, LinkedIn Message Ad campaigns are ideal for driving stronger engagement compared to traditional email marketing. Paired with a Lead Gen Form, they have the ability to swiftly generate high-quality leads.


  • Single, Strong CTA: Opt for Messaging Ads when you have a specific, focused call-to-action (CTA). This format is ideal for delivering a clear and direct message to your audience, promoting a single offer, such as an ebook, product demo, or event invitation.
  • Precision Engagement: If your goal is to drive stronger engagement akin to personal communication, LinkedIn Messaging Ads are effective. They cut through the clutter and offer a more personalised touch compared to traditional email marketing.
  • Lead Generation Focus: When your primary objective is to quickly generate high-quality leads, LinkedIn Message Ad campaigns, coupled with a Lead Gen Form, can efficiently capture relevant information from your audience.

Conversation Ads

LinkedIn Conversation Ads drive 4x higher open rates and engagement rates than email- LinkedIn

Conversation Ad campaigns seem to be the future of LinkedIn sponsored messaging, as they offer even greater flexibility, allowing for multiple calls-to-action. Whether directing prospects to a Lead Gen Form or various landing pages, these ads enable Professional Services to tailor their approach to individual needs. What’s more, with detailed click reporting, you gain valuable insights into audience engagement, empowering you to refine your strategy and drive meaningful conversations.



  • Multiple CTAs for Flexibility: Choose Conversation Ads when you have multiple offerings or want to provide varied calls-to-action. This format allows for flexibility, guiding prospects to a Lead Gen Form or different landing pages based on their preferences.
  • Holistic Engagement: If your strategy involves a more comprehensive engagement approach, Conversation Ads are beneficial. They enable you to tailor your messaging to different audience segments, addressing varied needs within the professional services sector.
  • Insights and Analytics: Conversation Ads provide detailed click reporting, offering insights into how your audience interacts with your content. If data-driven decision-making is crucial for your strategy, this format can provide valuable information on audience engagement and preferences.

Unlike static ad formats, Dynamic Ads dynamically generate content, tailoring each element—images, headlines, and calls-to-action—to individual users based on their profile data. This personalised touch creates a unique viewing experience for each member of your target audience.

Image source

What sets Dynamic Ads apart?

  • Personalization Overdrive: Traditional ads cast a wide net; Dynamic Ads, however, speak directly to your audience. Personalised content ensures that your message resonates, making an immediate connection with viewers.
  • Automation Magic:Dynamic Ads take the hassle out of content creation. They automatically generate content based on user profiles, saving you time while ensuring your ads are always fresh and relevant.

Similar to sponsored content, businesses have the flexibility to select a dynamic ad that aligns with their marketing objectives. To enhance brand awareness, promote your LinkedIn page to encourage followers. Opt for LinkedIn Spotlight Ads when aiming for conversions, as they effectively highlight services and events, directing traffic to your website or landing page. If lead generation is the goal, dynamic content ads are the ideal choice, capturing leads upon download.

Common objectives for businesses using Dynamic Ads include boosting brand awareness, generating quality leads efficiently, and driving traffic to specific landing pages. This means for businesses within the Professional Services sector Dynamic Ads are a great strategic tool.

LinkedIn text ads may be small but they are mighty. Text ads serve as concise, direct messages designed for precision targeting on the platform. They operate on a pay-per-click (PPC) model, displayed at the top and right-hand side of the desktop feed.

Image source

No visuals… why bother, right? Wrong!

Here’s why businesses are opting for text only ads:

  • Precision Targeting: Reach the right professionals based on job title, industry, and more.
  • Cost-Effective: Get more bang for your buck with a pay-per-click model.
  • Direct Messaging: Say it straight with concise headlines and descriptions.
  • Easy Creation: Promote events or services in a snap.
  • LinkedIn Feed Visibility: Stand out on the homepage as users scroll through their networks.
  • Lead Generation: Drive action with targeted campaigns. Encourage users to take specific actions, such as signing up for webinars, downloading resources, or requesting more information.

Choosing the right ads for your business audience is a critical decision. Below are some customised LinkedIn advertising campaigns that are designed to elevate your visibility, engagement, and revenue within your specific industry.

Insurance providers

Case Study Video Ad: Share success stories through engaging video content. Feature real clients discussing how your insurance solutions provided security and peace of mind. Highlight specific cases where your services made a significant impact, such as in risk management, claim settlements, or client satisfaction. Use a documentary-style approach to add authenticity and build trust.

Dynamic Ads: Opt for dynamic content ads that dynamically generate tailored content based on user profiles. Showcase different insurance offerings, adjusting headlines and calls-to-action based on individual preferences. This personalised touch ensures your message resonates with a diverse audience, making an immediate connection with viewers.

Architectural services

Carousel Showcase: Architectural services thrive on visual impact. Use carousel ads to take your audience on a visual journey through your most exceptional projects. Showcase the evolution of your designs, from concept to completion, and highlight the unique elements that define your architectural services. Let your portfolio speak volumes with carousel LinkedIn ads.

Event Ad: Increase the number of attendees and interest in your event by promoting on LinkedIn. With quick and accessible event information like the time, date, location and a brief description of the event users are more likely to make a decision there and then on attendance. Drive immediate action by including compelling CTAs integrated into the ad. These CTAs can include phrases like “Register Now,” “Save Your Spot,” or “Join the Discussion”.

Legal services

Document ads: Clients seeking legal advice often require expert insights on evolving laws and regulations. You can use sponsored content to share thought leadership articles, case studies, or updates on legal precedents and highlight your firm’s expertise in specific areas such as corporate law, intellectual property, or regulatory compliance.

Webinar Promotion: Promote webinars addressing relevant legal topics, recent court rulings, or changes in legislation. Use LinkedIn’s event ads to drive registrations directly on the platform, showcasing your legal expertise and providing valuable educational content.

Management consulting

Single Image ad: Make a powerful message through a single image. Use visuals that represent the essence of your consulting services. Whether it’s a team collaboration photo or an impactful image reflecting your expertise, ensure it captures attention. Pair it with concise and direct messaging highlighting key offerings or achievements.

Text Ads: Use text ads for precision targeting and direct messaging. These concise messages can highlight specific services, promotions, or key insights. With a pay-per-click model, you can maximise your budget while reaching the right professionals based on job title, industry, and more. Deliver a clear message that prompts action, encouraging users to engage with your consultancy.

In essence, LinkedIn, with 900 million active users, is the ultimate hub for connecting decision-makers globally. Professional Services can use its advertising space for unparalleled ad targeting, utilising engaging CTAs and downloadable resources to drive effective lead generation. It’s more than ads; it’s a strategic gateway to engaging decision-makers and fostering meaningful connections in the professional world.

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