2024 is predicted to be a monumental year for digital marketing.

At Click, w​​​e envisage a digital landscape defined by advancements in technology, shifting generational values, and an evolving social media presence. As we settle into the New Year, our experts share their predictions for the 2024 digital marketing landscape, based on the trends, updates & technology that have shaped the field in 2023.

No need to consult a psychic or book a palm reading – delve into our latest guide for a comprehensive overview of the digital marketing landscape in 2024.

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At more than 40 pages, our guide provides an extensive analysis of the current digital marketing landscape, and offers expert predictions for the following marketing tactics in 2024.

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Organic Search (SEO)

How is the search landscape being revolutionised by voice and image search?

Paid Media (PPC)

How will the depreciation of third-party cookies, and the growing number of channels for Paid Media impact the industry in 2024?

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Social Media

How are social media platforms being used moving forward? We discuss their use as search engines, the future of social commerce, and the continuing popularity of video content for social media.

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Content Marketing

How will the adoption of AI into marketing practices impact the way in which we deliver content marketing - particularly in relation to E-E-A-T & and increasing preference for visuals?

Reflecting on the changes that transformed the digital marketing landscape in 2023 can offer us a valuable insight into what the upcoming digital year may hold:

  • The impactful Google core updates, accompanied by a number of additional significant changes to the search platform  are reshaping the search landscape.
  • With the entry of platforms like TikTok into the search landscape in 2023, we can anticipate further advancements in the way we approach social media marketing in 2024.
  • The emergence of AI as a defining theme in 2023 is already revolutionising digital marketing practices – but our experts suggest that we have only just begun to explore the vast potential of AI technology in our field.

The year 2024 promises a dynamic transformation in the digital marketing landscape, fueled by pivotal trends, technological advancements, and evolving consumer behaviors.

Our guide explores the latest in marketing innovation, with predictions in areas such as:

  • Voice & visual search
  • Artificial intelligence, and augmented reality
  • Social commerce & CTV
  • The future of video
  • & so much more!!!

Brands are entering a New Year where remaining static is not a viable option; in this evolving landscape, brands must seize the opportunities presented by these trends in order to thrive and build a distinctive online presence in a fiercely competitive market.

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