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You may have noticed that it’s harder and harder to gain exposure and reach your fans and followers using company pages. This is because people are becoming immune to hard-sell social promotion and crave authentic, real-time interaction – and that includes with brands

Users craving the engagement and community spirit that epitomised the forums of the pre-social media internet. This is where Facebook Groups come in – stimulating authentic, real-time interaction with collaborative conversations, with shared links, photos and documents

Why is it worth your while launching a Facebook Group alongside your Company Page?

A Facebook Group allows you to:

  • Share posts, photos and related content among members.
  • Notify members about upcoming events.
  • Encourage people to share opinions and discuss issues.
  • Satisfy the need for a sense of belonging – to express, learn and share.

If you want to create a community or fanbase that is more invested than the average follower of a Page (who often can’t be reached en masse without paying for an ad), creating a Group should be a serious consideration. It allows collaborative conversations, with shared links, photos and documents.

To establish and maintain a successful community, you need to be focused on delivering real and thoughtful experiences and play the long game to achieve marketing objectives. This eBook gives you the essential elements for success.

What’s in this workbook?

  • Defining your objectives
  • Should you develop more than one Group?
  • Getting started
  • Attracting members
  • Growing your Group
  • Essential traits for social community managers

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