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  • Use content to attract, convert and retain customers
  • Create high quality, relevant and shareable content assets
  • Learn the difference between owned, earned and paid media
  • Gain maximum impact and value by choosing the right promotional channels
  • Measure and evaluate your efforts

High quality, relevant and consistent content can not only support your organic search (SEO) campaign, it can bolster your brand’s reputation, encourage your audience to engage with your brand and, ultimately, drive sales

High quality content lies at the heart of any fruitful inbound marketing strategy and, as such, it lies at the heart of our organic search marketing services too.

As part of your strategy, our team of talented content writing specialists and designers can plan and devise SEO content creation for your brand, which will then be distributed to your audience throughout your content marketing campaigns campaigns. From whitepapers to infographics, our copywriters are adept at crafting content in a diverse range of styles and on a plethora of topics.

Idea generation

Fresh ideas are the lifeblood of content marketing. At Click Consult, our creative specialists hold idea generation sessions with the technical and account management teams to come up with content concepts that are both in line with your organic search and business objectives and relevant to your target audience and/or key influencers in your industry.

Research and discovery

Research plays an important role in the content creation process.

At the beginning of your campaign, our digital content creation team engages in a discovery process to help you put together a content brief. This document helps us to understand your brand’s content requirements, including its tone of voice and target audience.

Our content executives are skilled and experienced at identifying the knowledge required and finding, analysing and interpreting information from many different sources. We then select the most relevant and valuable data and use this to inform the content we create for you. We can also conduct research on your brand’s behalf to provide your audience with original insights and help to elevate your position as a thought leader in your field.


We ensure that all content we create for you is optimised to perform well in search engines. Before we get to work on production, our organic search strategists brief our writers on any keywords and anchor text that need to be incorporated into your copy and any pages on your website that should be targeted as part of your organic search strategy. Our expert copywriters are proficient in optimising content without sacrificing naturalness or user experience.

Before content work is sent to you for review, it undergoes a thorough peer review process. This involves team members who have not taken part in the creation process proofreading, fact checking and providing feedback to the writers and designers who have been involved in the creation of the piece. We also use plagiarism detection software to ensure that all content you receive is completely original.

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Content creation

Informed by your organic search content strategy, our team of talented copywriters and designers work to produce targeted, relationship building  content. All content is expertly crafted to perform well in search results and serve your audiences in order to attract custom and build brand loyalty. Our writers and designers draw on a shared knowledge pool of a wide range of industries to create content that is reliable, informed and in line with your brand’s overall message.

Here are just some of the different types of content we can create for you:

Web content

Substantial, informative and relevant web copy can improve both your website’s search visibility and the experiences of your site’s users. Our content writers are skilled at creating web copy that’s led by our keyword targeting strategy, and therefore provides you target audience with what they’re looking for. Whether your brand operates a business-to business or business-to-consumer model, we can create clear and concise copy that showcases your company’s knowledge and skills, engages your target audience and helps readers to make buying decisions.


To ensure maximum impact among your target audience, our campaign specialists collaborate with key bloggers and publishers to identify original, shareable infographic ideas.

This informs our designers and content teams as they work together to create a narrative for your infographic design, ensuring that all information is visually presented in an easy-to-understand, compelling way.

Our campaign team then reaches out to their contacts, and offers them the opportunity to host your infographic on their websites and post it across their social media accounts, helping to boost your link profile and increase your brand awareness.

Infographics can also be published on your own company blog and shared on social media channels to provide your audience with problem-solving, informative or entertaining material.


eBooks are a type of longform marketing content that can be downloaded from your website, used as part of an outreach strategy and shared on social media. eBook marketing allows you to explore topics in depth and provide your target market with a highly valuable resource on a particular subject, giving you the opportunity to communicate your brand’s prowess in a way that serves your audience. 

We often conduct primary research and work together with relevant industry experts and influencers to ensure each eBooks contains unique, valuable and content with a high shareability factor.

These can be published on your site, distributed on social media and promoted to relevant bloggers.


Research (by Syndacast and Twitter) has shown that video is the most engaging and shareable content medium, making video marketing a highly effective part of any content strategy. In addition, videos have a direct impact on search results. Our video marketing team has a wide range of experience creating compelling video content for brands across a range of sectors.

We cover all aspects of video production, including story-boarding, casting, settings, filming, editing, and post-production techniques, as well as distribution and promotion to ensure your video gets in front of the most relevant people at the optimum time.


High quality blog posts can benefit your brand in a number of ways. Whether they are published on your site or outreached to relevant bloggers, they can help you to demonstrate your expertise, connect with your intended audience, drive traffic to your website and fuel your organic search campaign.

Our blog writing specialists create blog posts for your website that provide expert advice and help to answer your target market’s questions. We are also able to produce on-site blogs that convey your brand’s personality and sense of humour. These posts can be distributed on your social media channels to promote your brand and boost your website visitor levels.

To earn links back to your site, we can write posts that are written specifically for industry-relevant, high calibre blog sites. The content team works closely with the campaign outreach team and organic search team to ensure that articles are tailored to bloggers’ style requirements and are beneficial to your organic search efforts.


Creating professional presentations on topics that inform, educate and inspire your target market can help you to boost both your reputation as an authority in your industry and your online presence.

Our content writers and designers collaborate to create unique presentations on subjects that will interest your target market. These can be fed onto your company blog and your social media platforms, as well as presentation-sharing sites such as SlideShare. They can also be shared with key online influencers with the aim of boosting your backlink profile and promoting your brand.

Content consultation

If you choose to produce your own content in-house, we can provide a consultation service to help you to create search engine friendly copy that is valuable to your users. Consultation may involve training sessions, face-to-face or telephone meetings with content and organic search experts, as well as a proofreading and copy editing service.

Fresh ideas are the lifeblood of content marketing. At Click Consult, our creative specialists hold idea generation sessions with the technical and account management teams to come up with content concepts that are both in line with your organic search and business objectives and relevant to your target audience and/or key influencers in your industry

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