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Developed by our expert in-house team, proTRAX™ finds the optimum distribution of budget across each channel and campaign type, using historical and live data from campaigns and Google Analytics, Google Keyword Planner, Google Display Planner and industry average performance metrics to create a scalable landscape.

Product overview

Channels and campaigns

proTRAX™ is used to identify the most effective distribution of budget across a number of marketing channels and campaign types. To put it simply, it ensures your money gets you the highest return. Here is an example of the different campaign types  we typically consider:

Marketing channels

How does it work?

Our unique algorithm factors seasonality, workflow, competitiveness, and impression share so that the tool can start creating scenarios that dynamically update blended projections. We then add a budget and/or target and the tool will automatically run 1000s of scenarios to find the most efficient distribution of budget.

Product features

Performance module

FeaturesThe performance module is used to ensure that existing budgets are being spent as efficiently as possible. We select a KPI that our client wants to optimise, for example; profit, ROI or cost per acquisition (CPA). The tool will then calculate every budget scenario possible and present the one that is optimal for the specified metric. We can then apply this analysis to our campaign, adjusting the budget on each and optimising towards the metrics specified by the tool.

Projection module

FeaturesThe projection module is used for both new and existing business, where we need to create projections as part of campaign planning and/or budget sign off. We can select a KPI to maximise, for example: gross profit or return on advertising spend (ROAS), and can either suggest a budget or maximise the potential of a set budget.

The outcome?

proTRAX™ will then calculate every possible scenario to provide projections for either:

FeaturesThe channels and campaign type budget distribution that maximises the selected KPI with a set budget, or

FeaturesA suggested budget distribution across each channel and campaign type that maximises the selected KPI

We can use the tool to create accurate projections for anything from the cost and effect of reducing lost impression share (IS) on a paid search campaign to a full blended multi-channel strategy.

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