Trax Technology - rankTRAX

Our tool not only provides you with instant access to keyword rankings, but also allows you to actively monitor your keyword performance, whether that would be on a weekly or monthly basis. In terms of analysis, our platform can evaluate your keyword performance across 20+ metrics, providing a comprehensive overview of your search visibility. A selection of our bespoke keyword reports include:

  • Average rank
  • Visibility score
  • Number of keywords ranked vs not ranked
  • Net gain of keyword performance
  • Estimation of website visits
  • Number of page 1 keywords

rankTRAX™ also offers a number of features that present a comprehensive overview of your digital performance. We can benchmark your online performance against your competition, monitor your social media statistics and can provide you with regular updates into trending Google SERP features.

Organic search visibility chart

As part of our reporting and communication commitment, all of our organic search (SEO) clients are provided with their own rankTRAX™ account, where they can log in and access their latest keyword rankings and performance data. Some features of the tool include:

Trax Technology - proTRAX

proTRAX™ allows our team of search marketing experts to distribute budget across campaigns and channels in the most efficient way. The tool uses live, historic and industry average data from several sources and uses a bespoke algorithm to run 1,000s of scenarios to determine the optimum budget for each channel.

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Trax Technology - feedTRAX

We can boost the performance of your Google Shopping Campaigns with our feedTRAX™ technology, which allows us to dynamically optimise elements of your product feed, increasing the potential for your products to rank higher and reducing average CPC.

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Trax Technology - linkTRAX

Developed in-house, linkTRAX® is our bespoke outreach management platform, used by our organic search experts to monitor, analyse and track our clients’ outreach activity. The platform provides real-time data surrounding the quality and longevity of our outreach activity, ensuring that our link placements remain active and continue to have a positive impact on our clients’ organic search visibility.

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Trax Technology - pageTRAX

pageTRAX™ is Click Consult’s answer to the inherent problems of internal linking. Using an algorithm modelled on Google’s early PageRank, the tool calculates the performance of all a site’s links, prioritising and rating them for importance – allowing you to build a comprehensive internal linking strategy. By ensuring your domain and page authority flows properly through the site, you can earn important improvements in performance in the SERPs.

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Trax Technology - monitorTRAX

monitorTRAX® allows our team of organic search experts to analyse data about any website quickly and accurately in a single place. The tool analyses 75+ off-page and on-page factors to flag issues and opportunities that are used to inform client strategies. It is also under continued development so you can be sure that every possible factor can be analysed.

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