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Email marketing is the process by which a mailing list of contacts you have targeted or who have signed up, are grouped together and sent relevant, interesting email communication that are tailored to their needs or interests

Making the most out of email marketing

One common annoyance of modern society is the email inbox full of ‘spam’. Consumers are becoming increasingly more agitated by receiving junk mail and as a result, many are put off by the thought of sorting through their inbox.

Email marketing done right however, has the potential to inflate your revenue exponentially. You can collect the details of any potential or pre-existing customers on your site and keep interested prospects engaged with your brand by delivering information regarding your service offering.

Email marketing also allows you to maximise the reach of your valuable content. The more qualified material you put out to market, the more likely you are to generate solid leads and therefore increase turnover.

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Our email marketing service

Using the marketing automation software Act-On, we will form a comprehensive targeted database of contacts. We will start with your current database or target market and use this as a basis for expansion. From here, we will expand the search parameters and target other businesses and individuals to join the database that fall into your target campaign segment.

If it forms part of your strategy, then we can create forms on your website or social handles where by prospective clients or readers can sign up to newsletters or join your mailing list. The information collected here will form a valuable database, as these users have shown a genuine interest in your product or service and opted in to your future campaigns.

Once we have developed the database, we will push out agreed content on your behalf through automated campaign mapping. This could be in the form of bespoke content, imagery, product information or infographics. Additionally, the software allows us to segment the database and target different markets with tailored content for each segment.

Email marketing allows you to boost the awareness of your brand, whilst communicating key messages and information about your company’s offering


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