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Benchmark Search & Digital Conference 2019 is only six months away!

You may or may not have noticed that the Benchmark conference site has been updating slowly over the last month,...

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Understanding Alexa Skills: How to Add Amazon’s Market-Leading Device Into Your Current and Future Marketing Strategy – Nick Wilsdon’s Benchmark 2018 talk review

Search Product Owner at Vodafone, Nick Wilsdon, talked about understanding Alexa Skills, and adding them to your marketing strategy to...

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Are We in Danger of Losing Sight of our Objectives and Strategies – Ben Irons Benchmark 2018 talk review

Digital Director of, Ben Irons, talked about the need for brands and marketers to self-examine in order to make...

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Victoria Olsina Benchmark Search Conference 2018

Page Speed Politics: Building a Business Case to Actually Get it Done – Victoria Olsina’s Benchmark 2018 talk review

SEO Consultant and Speaker from Barclays, Victoria Olsina used a topical approach to help the audience understand the complexities of page...

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5 Simple Steps to Optimising Your Monthly Analytics Reporting – John Warner’s Benchmark 2018 talk review

Making his Benchmark debut as a speaker, Click's John Warner set the theme for his talk with a curious anecdote...

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Content Optimisation and SEO in 2018 – Lukasz Zelezny’s Benchmark 2018 talk review

uSwitch's Director of Organic Performance Lukasz wanted to share some tactics that the audience could take home and use to...

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Machine Learning: Friend or Foe? – Dave Karellen’s Benchmark 2018 talk review

Click Consult’s Head of Paid Search has become a bit of a fan favourite with Benchmark crowds over the last...

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Sabrina Garufi Benchmark 2018 Talk Summary

Marketing in the Age of Assistance – Sabrina Garufi’s Benchmark 2018 talk review

Beginning with an incredible example of the rise of the smart phone, Googler Garufi talked the Benchmark crowd through the...

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5 weeks to make it – how to keep your cool and switch a major brand online in only 5 weeks – Kristal Ireland’s Benchmark 2018 talk review

Following the move to public ownership of the east coast railway franchise, Ireland found herself with an eCommerce platform worth...

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How Your Audience Will Believe Anything: The Psychology Behind the Fake News – Bas van den Beld’s Benchmark 2018 talk review

“All content is biased. It all has a background and purpose for existing” - that's how State of Digital's Founder...

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The Correlation Between Technical SEO and Rankings – Omi Sido’s Benchmark 2018 Talk

Returning for a second time at the Benchmark Search Conference, the ever popular Omi Sido, Senior Technical SEO at Canon...

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Let’s do AI – How Artificial Intelligence is Amplifying Human and Marketing Ingenuity – Ellie England’s Benchmark 2018 talk review

AI is not going to take over the world or replace human intelligence, even at its most powerful. Instead, it's...

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How to Grow a Niche Audience Using Video Content – Lee Wilcox Benchmark 2018 talk review

Co-founder and CEO of On The Tools, Lee Wilcox took to the Benchmark stage to explain how video has helped...

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What to look forward to at Benchmark 2018

Benchmark – the premium conference for in-house search marketers in the north of England – is returning for its fourth...

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Benchmark 2018 – what’s new on the agenda?

Ready to elevate the search marketing performance of your brand? Come and pick the brains of brands like Google, Deloitte UK,...

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