Revealing the impact: Tangible outcomes of our digital strategies

Mar 12th, 2024

Is partnering with an agency really worth it? An age old question.

In a nutshell… yes. Collaborating with a seasoned digital and search marketing agency not only ensures staying at the forefront of industry trends but also provides support during challenging times.

You’re not just safeguarding your business; you’re boosting profits AND saving money in the long run.

But we get it. You want results, not rhetoric.

Ready to see real impact? Let’s dive in!

With well crafted press releases brimming with actionable insights, tailored to diverse budget requirements, and resonating deeply with the interests of fashion journalists, Click Consult shattered records for the online clothing brand, Chums.

Our approach? Cultivating strong relationships with targeted journalists from high Domain Authority sites through tracked email campaigns, establishing enduring rapport and sustained engagement.

Embracing an ‘always on’ mentality, we consistently lead the charge on emerging trends, guaranteeing that our content remains miles ahead of the competition.

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In only five months, Click Consult embarked on transforming PrecisionBiotics social media channels led by a mix of organic and paid tactics. With an array of imaginative, aesthetically pleasing, and attention-grabbing content, ranging from static images to captivating carousels, engaging videos (including reels), and dynamic animations, we breathed new life into their social profiles.

The outcomes speak volumes:

  • A staggering 579k video views on TikTok, showcasing PrecisionBiotics’ content to a vast audience.
  • A remarkable 457% surge in post likes on Instagram, highlighting the resonance and engagement of our content.
  • A notable 163% increase in post reach on Facebook, expanding PrecisionBiotics’ digital footprint and amplifying their message to a broader audience.
@precisionbiotics We are shook! #fyp #precisionbiotics #foryoupage #Alflorex #guthealth #vegetarian #soyafree #dairyfree #gutenfree ♬ original sound – Taylor Dean

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DenTek reached out to Click Consult with a vision to craft a robust, long-term SEO strategy aimed at elevating their brand awareness across the UK market. Our approach? To not only position them as a thought leader but also as an innovator in their sector.

The results speak for themselves:

  • A remarkable surge of +222% Year-over-Year in organic clicks to pages with href coding (on average)
  • An astounding increase of +346.98% in clicks to the homepage
  • Elevating 19 priority keywords to the coveted position 1 spot on search engine results pages (SERPs)


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Private Midwives swiftly implemented Click’s consultancy advice, witnessing remarkable results. They experienced a substantial surge in post reach, engagement, and follower growth across all social media platforms.

Moreover, the tailored content strategies for each channel, such as videos and shared links on Facebook, and reels and carousels on Instagram, emerged as audience favourites.

In just three months post-implementation, compared to the preceding three months, the achievements spoke volumes:

  • +33.4% Increase in post reach on Facebook
  • +98% Increase in post reach on Instagram
  • +120.6% Increase in engagement on Facebook
  • +80.2% Increase in engagement on Instagram
  • +25.7% Increase in followers on Facebook
  • +48% Increase in followers on Instagram

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To triumph over challenges with the previous structure, Click Consult embarked on a comprehensive overhaul of the account structure from a paid search perspective. Embracing a phased approach, we allayed the client’s uncertainties by conducting branch sample restructures and isolating each autocentre branch into its own campaign.

We’ve sustained our stellar performance through comprehensive account-wide structure optimization, regular ‘clean-up’ tasks via search query reports, and the development of robust negative keyword lists.

  • +52.43% Revenue
  • +24.43% Conversions
  • +49.58 ROAS
  • +48.85% Clicks
  • -31.49% Costs

In October 2023, Click Consult & Mr Clutch Autocentres secured GOLD at the Digital Impact Awards for our exceptional paid media campaigns and prioritising client success, cementing the incredible work achieved.

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When you choose Click as your digital marketing partner, you gain more than just a service – you acquire a dedicated team committed to optimising your budget, fostering profitable growth, and mitigating risks.

We’re a search marketing agency that goes beyond vanity metrics. We focus on the metrics that matter most – measurable results that translate to real growth for your business.

Are you ready to enhance your digital success with Click?

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