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Running advertising campaigns on the popular professional networking channel LinkedIn allows for highly targeted ads to be shown to your target professional audience

Target by demographics

As well as being able to target standard demographics, for example, ‘women aged 25 – 34’, we can increase the granularity of your targeting, for example, ‘women aged 25-34 who have high disposable incomes’.

Targeting filters include: geography, company name, industry, company size, job title, job function, seniority, school, skills, age, gender and groups.

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Target by placement

Another advantage of LinkedIn ads is the ability to target various demographics with ads that are tailored to their wants and needs. LinkedIn allows us to target your ads to users in the most effective formats for them. Ads can be placed on a member’s: profile page, homepage, inbox, search results page or group pages.

Sponsored updates on LinkedIn

Businesses with LinkedIn company pages can also promote their posts using “sponsored updates”, which display directly within the LinkedIn feed, even across mobile and tablet devices.

Ads on the LinkedIn Audience Network

The LinkedIn Audience Network is a collection of websites that partner with LinkedIn to display ads on their pages. This allows you to use the same LinkedIn-specific targeting to reach professionals when they are visiting other websites.

A major advantage of LinkedIn advertising is the ability to target various demographics with advertisements that are tailored to your audiences wants and needs


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