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Beginner's Guide.
A Beginner’s Guide to Google’s Algorithm

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A Beginner's Guide to Google's Algorithm

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We’re experts in search. Simple. Yet we want you to be too. With this beginner’s guide, we offer all you need to know about Google’s main algorithm changes to date.


Whether you’re new to SEO, or a seasoned professional needing to refresh your knowledge, Click Consult’s new beginner’s guide will give you everything you need to know about all named algorithm updates, with special dissection of key updates such as Panda, Hummingbird, Penguin and more that are major influences in SEO today.

  • Learn how the Google algorithm has evolved
  • Find dates of specific updates
  • Find out the purpose and function of main changes
  • Read detailed descriptions about those updates most relevant to modern SEO

Google is and has for a long time, at least at the time of writing, been the king of the search engines, the most used in virtually every territory and sometimes more than all of its competitors combined.

It is, therefore, an integral part of search marketing and an absolutely vital part of any brand that operates online (even in part). Due to the search engine’s importance, it pays to know everything possible about the Google algorithm so that possible penalties can be spotted and accurately assessed, reasons for traffic drops can be noticed and combated and even to allow brands and professionals to spot trends and prepare for the future.

For this reason, Click Consult has created this comprehensive reference for the most important changes to the algorithm to date – see, for example, how more and more changes concern themselves primarily with mobile usability and how Google has slowly guided the modern online user experience (UX) that people have come to expect over twenty years of work on their algorithm..

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