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Social Media Toolkit

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Click Consult has always been social. In its thirteen years it has seen social platforms come and go, and has been there to watch the development of the key mediums, always learning, always measuring, always changing. We’re experts. Now you can be too

Click Consult’s new toolkit offers a host of resources, including:

  • A Guide to Measuring Social Media Success – Ever seen a URL with UTM tags and wondered what it was about, or wondered how to better track your incoming traffic from across social media platforms? Here’s all you need to know about how to take advantage of this free tool.
  • A Social Media Planner – If your content is good, then there’s no reason you shouldn’t share it more than once. With this quick xlsx planner template, you can organise your posting schedule and UTM links to develop a schedule that makes the most of all your awesome content.
  • Two custom analytics dashboards, perfect for measuring paid and earned traffic from social.
  • Social media checklist – Whether you’re an expert, or just starting out in the area of social media, it pays to have a quick reference point for your workload. By referring to this checklist whenever you start a social media project, you can avoid overlooking the simple things.
  • Two easy to understand infographics, offering top tips to ensure your social media marketing is primed for results.
  • A Marketer’s Guide to Facebook – This guide talks you through how to set up a successful branded page on the leading social platform, enabling your brand to make the most of Facebook.
  • A social media cheat sheet with deep dives for each platform.
  • A guide to social media advertising.

Whatever your need to further your social media campaigns, Click Consult’s new toolkit should have something for every platform and level of experience.