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Understanding Your Digital Audience

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Understanding Your Digital Audience

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In the age of search marketing, personalisation and relationship-building are key. But what does that actually mean in practice?

Creating meaningful, authentic, lasting connections with your customers is impossible without first understanding your audience. The growing complexity of today’s customer journey means that thorough research is a vital first step towards a successful search marketing strategy. The aim is to offer high quality content in a relevant context to create a rich, personalised experience.

This requires thorough research into your target audience using analytics tools such as Google Analytics, and by studying their online behaviour:

  • How and when they use the internet
  • The search terms they use
  • The way they interact with your content
  • Their social media activity

This eBook provides a practical strategy for building up a full and accurate picture of your target audience, so that you can engage them with a meaningful, relevant marketing campaign that gets real results.

Who should download Understanding Your Digital Audience? Any online marketer who wants to improve the quality of their leads, increase conversions and see growth in their ROI.