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Organic Search (SEO).
Long Tail Targeting Strategy

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Short tail, generic search terms often have the highest search volume. As such, ranking highly on search engine results pages for such terms can drive high volumes of traffic to your website. But long tail search terms can drive targeted traffic to your site

The power of the long tail search

Generic search terms often cost more per click to sponsor in paid search and are almost always the most difficult to rank for organically. Long tail search terms usually contain three or more words and are frequently less competitive than their generic counterparts. Long tail search terms contain more information such as product names, colours, locations, sizes or other descriptive information which implies that the searcher is closer to a purchase than someone searching for a generic term.

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A search conducted using generic terms suggests that the user is in “research” mode and has not yet decided upon the exact product they would like to purchase or which brand they are likely to buy from. Deploying a correctly researched long tail strategy by adding relevant content to your website, targeting high converting, niche terms is one of the best tactics for increasing overall organic visibility, traffic and sales for your site.

Long tail search terms are frequently less competitive than their generic counterparts and contain information that implies the searcher is closer to a purchase


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