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Organic search optimisation (SEO), online advertising (PPC), social media and content marketing are all proven ways of driving visitors to your site. But if your website’s getting plenty of traffic, but relatively few conversions, the chances are are that you need to make some changes to your site

To achieve success and maintain growth, you need be testing ways to optimise conversion rates, offering convenience across a variety of devices, and maximising every opportunity to engage with your customers.

A high level of traffic alone doesn’t mean your website’s performing well. Whether it’s new customers or leads that you’re looking for, if visitors are leaving your site without doing what you intend them to, then it’s time to take action.

Consider these stats…

  • 79% of customers admit to searching for another site if the one they end up on doesn’t live up to expectations (Digital Marketing Institute)
  • Product reviews on your site can increase conversion rate by up to 76% (Shopify)
  • Half of consumers expect a web page to load in two seconds or less and 40% of people will abandon a website that takes more than three seconds (KissMetrics)
  • Customers who land on an autocomplete page suggestion are six times more likely to convert than those who don’t (SLI Systems)
  • 87% of consumers abandon their baskets before making a purchase (Forrester Research)
  • A basket reminder strategy can recover as much as 25% of abandoned revenue, the majority of retailers (59%) don’t employ this strategy (Persomi)

This eBook shows you how to…

  • Encourage conversions
  • Set appropriate goals
  • Decide what counts as a conversion
  • Optimise your landing pages
  • Copy the big brands: Netflix, Domino’s Pizza and Total Jobs
  • Track landing page performance
  • Optimise the other areas of your website beyond the landing page
  • Tweak and test changes to your site
  • Case studies: what Click Consult did to drive up conversions for our clients

There are many ways you can convert your visitors into customers; you just need a mixture of creativity, analysis and testing. A focus on UX and finding out what works using conversion rate optimisation (CRO) are essential. 

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