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User experience (UX) is one of those phrases that has become increasingly common over the last couple of years, and with good reason

This increased visibility and importance has been reinforced by Google’s latest ‘Google Rater Guidelines’ which continuously emphasised the vital nature of ‘page quality’. As a key factor in their determination of quality is user experience, we can state with certainty that any work on UX that you’ve been putting off now needs to be prioritised.

With a host of component parts, however, the path to great user experience can be a complex one. That’s why we’ve compiled our best and most popular UX resources in one place to give you what you need to push your UX projects forward.

Your ‘Better User Experience = More Satisfied Users = More Sales’ boxset includes the following resources:

  • UX & Digital Data
  • Online UX Cheat Sheet
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Google Tag Manager
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Internal Linking
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Landing Page Optimisation
  • Website Warfare: UX vs. SEO

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User experience (UX)

UX, in search and digital marketing, refers to the process of crafting easy and enjoyable user journeys, with content, navigation and a host of other factors all pulling together to provide meaningful, relevant and easy experiences to users of a website.

Why UX matters

As more of our life happens online, our expectations of the online environment increase. Frustrations which may not have raised an eyebrow a decade ago are no longer acceptable, and slow or confusing user journeys and pages along with a host of other factors can cost a business real money. Not only that; as mentioned previously, UX is increasingly important for your site’s visibility in search.

You can no longer afford to wait, get your UX projects underway with the help of these resources.

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