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Consumers, when asked, will often express the contrary desires to have more data privacy, but also for increased personalisation of their interactions with brands – but we can do both

Both the GDPR and ePR have made it a more labour intensive process for both marketers and consumers alike – but it’s work that can have a considerable pay off, especially in its potential to build trust and relationships with consumers.

What brands may need to realise is that there is a right way and a wrong way to personalise content – and studies have revealed that personalisation for its own sake is, while the most common variety, is the least well appreciated.

In short, there’s a lot of work to do before brands can claim to have implemented a successful personalisation strategy – and that they must always place the consumer first in their efforts despite the temptation to prioritise personalisation with a focus on ROI.

Your “Beyond {{FIRST NAME}} – The New Age of Digital Personalisation” eBook includes chapters on:

  • What is personalisation?
  • Why personalisation matters
  • What not to do
  • Does personalisation work?
  • How and where to use personalisation
  • Future of personalisation

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The future of brand interaction, inferring from current trajectories, is a personalised era – with consumers crafting their own experience through these interactions, and this has the potential to be good for all involved. However, while a discount code sent as a birthday present and addressed on a first name basis may be nice – it should be where personalisation starts, not where it ends.

Find out what personalisation is, what you should not be doing and where we’re headed by downloading your free eBook. Click Consult is a company dedicated to helping our clients and our readers build their brands online and to be ready for the future of search.

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