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While the changes have made the bar to entry slightly lower for brands who want to retain control of their own paid media budgets, even the aim of a budget is no longer quite the intuitive description it could be.

Our Paid Media Strategist Will Dixon has outlined some of the aspects of bidding, budgets and conversion that he expects to not only change how we view them individually, but that will change the way paid media is executed and monitored.

Automation and machine learning have been steadily forced their way in to every area of paid media and that’s having some knock on effects on every aspect of its execution.


The ‘A Marketer’s Guide to Budgets, Bidding and Conversions for Paid Media’ Cheat Sheet includes:

  • How marketers should approach budgets in 2021
  • How marketers should tackle bidding in 2021
  • How marketers should treat conversions in 2021

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The automation revolution has changed the way paid media campaigns are executed, but not the importance of good optimisation. Although accounts need to be optimised in a different way, they still need to be optimised to ensure that the automated bidding strategies achieve the best possible result.

Find out what our Senior Paid Media Strategist Will Dixon believes is shaping the future of paid media…

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