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Facebook is the most popular and frequently used social media platform and has been for some time, yet it can prove to be a test for even the most experienced marketing professional

With so many users and so much competition, sometimes it can feel as though it’s difficult to make yourself heard, yet the very reasons Facebook is intimidating are the ones that make it such a worthwhile platform.

Not only is it the platform on which your audience is most likely to spend the largest proportion of their social media time, your competition is almost certainly there already. The main issue for brands on Facebook, however, is that it’s a platform which is difficult to grasp from a marketing perspective. How often should your brand be posting? What kind of content should it be posting? In addition to that, with so much noise and so much competition, how can you make yourself stand out from the crowd?

At Click Consult we understand the reasons that there are many brands which consider Facebook to be a platform which doesn’t seem to offer a measureable return on investment. However, we’ve been there from the start and have followed the platform’s progress at each step in order to develop the same expertise on Facebook as we have across all other social media platforms.
We’re happy to share this experience and, in our latest eBook ‘The Marketer’s Guide to Facebook’, we will help you to decide:

  • What your brand’s page should look like.
  • How often you should post updates.
  • How and why you can and should target posts.
  • What kind of post suits your brand.
  • What kind of paid ads are available.
  • A guide to the latest developments in Facebook advertising.
  • And much more…

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