Just type away and hit enter

We’ve all heard the assertion that a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words, and while it’s dependent on some poor sums, its recurrence online gives a good indication of the importance of the video medium to marketing

With this in mind, there is one social channel which has been top of the tree for the video medium for some time: YouTube. Its position at the apex of online video is cemented by the facts that it is both Google owned and promoted and also its place as the second most used search engine online (after its parent company). This makes YouTube one of the most valuable social channels for any brand.

It can be tricky for brands to approach, however, and many don’t – but for the vast majority of brands it is well worth the risk. This latest Click Consult examination of a social channel will help you go from curious to expert, with chapters on all of the important aspects of getting your marketing presence felt on YouTube.

With eleven sections ranging from what your content should be about to how to spot gaps in your marketplace, tips for filming and eventual sharing, this eBook offers you a free masterclass in YouTube marketing – with something for every level of experience.

Take your first, or final, steps toward YouTube mastery and get your brand seen and heard on this ever more important social media platform.

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