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PPC Glossary


Click Consult is as committed as ever to spreading its wealth of knowledge, but sometimes the language digital marketing – an industry which is constantly changing and developing – can be too much for newcomers, and even run away from experienced professionals.

Let us help you learn or re-learn the latest in PPC terminology via this comprehensive glossary of terms relevant to modern PPC. Featuring:

  • An easy to navigate structure
  • Comprehensive lists of relevant terms
  • Easy to understand definitions

Jargon is a form of written and verbal short-hand, increasing clarity and rapidity of communications for those with a shared vocabulary or specialism. In most industries, jargon develops and remains similar enough (by comparison) between departments to merely represent a dialect changes rather than a wholly different language.

In search marketing there are multiple specialisms existing in symbiosis in every agency or in-house department, whether technical, PPC, SEO, content, design or any other niche. This glossary and the others we’ve created, will go some way to bridging the barriers that can sometimes block conversations across the meeting room table.

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