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Remarketing is one of the paid search specialisations which really opens the door to consumer personalisation in online advertisement. Using the consumer’s previous interactions to decide on the adverts displayed can drive conversion

Paid search is a growing and changing online technique with many skills that require mastery, but remarketing can prove to be difficult to understand and communicate. With this cheat sheet, Click Consult offer the perfect quick guide to give you the basics, whether you need it in order to refresh your knowledge or simply to communicate the process to new starters.

As we’ve stated before, personalisation is not only the best way to encourage brand loyalty, but is an expectation amongst modern consumers and there are few varieties of online advertisement that offer the potential for catering to specific consumer behaviour and habits than remarketing.

The ‘Remarketing Cheat Sheet’ Includes:

  • An explanation of what ‘remarketing’ involves
  • A step by step guide to the process
  • Easy to understand descriptions of each stage
  • Shareable information for all levels

When you consider that 97% of shoppers do not convert on their first visit to an eCommerce site, this strategy takes on a whole new level of importance – in fact over 90% of marketers responding to a poll by AdRoll stating that retargeting performs equally as well, or better than any other variety of marketing. Whether you take one or all of the above approaches, the majority of remarketing campaigns will target the following:


These are those consumers that have already purchased from you. Often people take these consumers for granted – yet a study by Practical Ecommerce found that as few as 3% of converters return to a site to make an additional purchase. It is therefore important to build and maintain a relationship with these consumers.


These are consumers that have demonstrated a clear interest in your site – having visited a number of pages, browsed certain products, added to wishlists yet not converted to a customer. By properly leveraging Google AdWords it is possible to segment consumers to target those with high on-site activity.

Abandoned baskets

Abandoned baskets occur for numerous reasons, from high delivery charges to return policies or stock levels – in fact 21% of consumers state time constraints as a reason for abandoning a basket – why would you not want to give these guys a friendly nudge when they’re less busy? By making sure these consumers are targeted with relevant ad copy, you could make sure you’re first in their thoughts when it comes time for them to turn intent into a purchase.

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