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Technical On-Page Optimisation Cheat Sheet

Technical On-Page Optimisation

Cheat Sheet

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Technical on-page optimisation can be one of the more intimidating elements of SEO to tackle alone, dealing with coding and content to deliver the best possible results.

What is technical on-page optimisation?

Technical on-page optimisation (through JSON semantic mark-up, correct use of HTML, redirects etc.) is one of the key techniques that allows your brand to feature higher in SERPs, it’s the element of coding that ensures your page authority is transferred between old and new URLs, that your Domain Authority isn’t diluted by canonical issues stemming from multiple homepage URLs and improves user experience (UX) by improving navigation.

While content may be king, video on the rise, while there are studies showing both that short listicles and long-form content work better than all other forms of blog post, there is one part of search marketing that is an absolutely vital part of any successful digital brand’s strategy – and that is technical on-page optimisation.

Fill any gaps in your technical on-page optimisation knowledge with the help of our cheat sheet.

  • Learn how to use the right HTML tags
  • How best to organise your pages
  • How and what to canonicalise and more.

Why technical on-page optimisation matters

Simply put, technical on-page optimisation is the foundation upon which all online success is built. It is the process through which your brand will appear in local search results, it’s the process that ensures your search results display properly, that consumers are able to properly navigate your site and that domain authority and link juice is not diluted from top to bottom of your XML sitemap.

Our cheat sheet (which runs to several pages as we struggled to distil such an extensive topic any further) aims to ensure that your brand has the best chance to succeed with its search marketing strategy.

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