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According to a recent study, 60% of a marketer’s time is spent on digital activities. The reason? Search marketing is no longer a subset of marketing, in fact it is marketing. Find out why you should be integrating your marketing departments in Click Consult’s new eBook

For a long time now, search marketing has too often been an afterthought when brands plan their marketing strategy. ‘Why Search Marketing Is Marketing’ seeks to explain why, if a brand overlooks digital when planning their strategy, they are likely to fall behind as the digital shift continues.

There are practical reasons for the original split between traditional and new media marketing – though there are online parallels of most traditional media marketing techniques, they initially required very different skill sets. Search marketing was, in its infancy, a technical rather than a creative industry (more akin to signage than to the almost mythical creative prowess of the Mad(dison Avenue) Men of advertising lore.

However, as the digital environment expands to incorporate more and more of our more traditionally off-line activity, from entertainment consumption to shopping, news gathering and beyond, the skill-sets of traditional marketing and search marketing have begun to increasingly overlap in the venn diagram of marketing.

‘Why Search Marketing Is Marketing’ Includes:

  • What’s blurred the lines between traditional and search marketing
  • Why a lack of integration could cause problems with recruitment
  • How search marketing is reversing declining trust in advertising
  • How the net can help to increase your catch
  • Why an holistic approach to marketing is the best route to success

In addition to this is the increased access to data, to audiences and the external drive for the personalisation of on and offline content which increasingly makes the digital world an attractive arena for all brands. There is no doubt that the face of marketing is changing and it is for this reason, we believe, that the compartmentalisation of traditional and new media advertisement will soon have to end to make the most of a shifting landscape which is increasingly digitised.

The ways in which consumers interact with brands has been changing for a long time, but unlike traditional media marketing search has been changing with them. With ready access to consumer targeting by interest, demographic and more, digital marketing is capable of moving brands through these changes to deliver the kind of personalised, relevant, high quality content that the modern consumer expects.

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