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  • On-page optimisation analysis
  • Review of your website’s content
  • Backlink profile analysis
  • Search visibility review

We work closely with our clients to establish goals and objectives for their online activity. So before we get to work on any search marketing campaigns for your brand, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of your business to gain an insight into how it works

What is discovery?

This phase of your strategy eliminates the guesswork from making changes to your website. It allows us to execute projects based upon facts about what works. Our discovery process includes a combination of close collaboration with you, analytics, market research and website auditing and focuses on four separate areas of your business: your marketplace, website traffic, competitors and the keywords that drive visitors to your site.

Marketplace analysis

With an understanding your current performance, your competitors, your customers and your industry, we have a baseline on which to develop a bespoke strategy for your business.

The first phase of our discovery service involves reviewing your marketplace, to discover any macro environmental factors that may affect your business, using a PESTLE and SWOT analysis.


Traffic analysis

We review your website’s current performance and benchmark it against your brand’s competitors. This allows us to determine how well your website is currently performing and helps us to identify any changes we can make to maximise its potential.

Competitor analysis

We identify four of your brand’s major competitors and benchmark your website against theirs. This allows us to gain an understanding of where you sit within your marketplace.

Keyword analysis

Our keyword analysis procedure involves a detailed examination of the search environment in which your business operates, which helps us to target the most effective keywords for your brand.