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As the UK’s second largest search engine boasting four billion video views worldwide each day, YouTube provides an effective, low-cost advertising platform for showcasing your brand to a large audience

YouTube advertising options

There are two video advertising options to choose from on YouTube: ‘in-stream’ and ‘in-display’.

In-stream advertising allows your brand’s promotional video to appear immediately before a video that a potential customer is about to watch on YouTube.

In-display advertising allows your brand’s promotional video to appear alongside videos on the YouTube search results page or in the ‘related videos’ section.

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Targeting and analysis

From promoting a specific landing page to increasing your brand’s social media presence, your YouTube campaigns can be targeted to the unique needs of your business. We can monitor the progress of your video campaigns and optimise your targeting to make the best distribution of your budget on the platform. Common areas of analysis for your YouTube video advertising campaigns include: view rate, video play rate, earned views and earned shares/likes/subscribers.

A useful feature of in-display YouTube ads is that you can tailor your ad copy to increase its relevancy for a specific YouTube search results page. This will ensure that your target audience sees the most relevant message alongside your video content


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