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Southbank Investment Research

Our objectives for Southbank were slightly different to what we do for other PPC clients. Scalability through audiences and profitable growth were the priorities for this particular client who joined us from September 2020.

About Southbank

Incorporated in 2015, Southbank Investment Research publishes investment ideas that empower readers to take charge of their financial futures and step outside the mainstream strategies.

Whether a client/customer is planning on investing for the long term, wants to trade for a sizable return in the short to medium term or require an immediate income, Southbank can accommodate this.

The challenge

When they first came to Click in Q3 of 2020, a couple of the challenges Southbank faced were profitable growth and scalability. With a monthly ad spend budget that started out at between £30k and £45k, their biggest roadblock with Google was fatigue and the inability to scale and identify new audiences to reach when they had a campaign that was working. Fatigue had been a particularly strong issue for Southbank, due to the narrow audience selections and therefore chances of exhausting those audiences was much higher. This is why our audience strategy and being able to find new avenues was a key consideration.

The approach

Click worked towards a key performance indicator (KPI) of £10 cost-per-lead (CPL) requested by the client, we also looked at the typical buyer personas of who would be interested in Southbank’s services as well as exploring different audience types; with one of these target trial audiences being professional photographers based on the current analytics data, and the engagement with the site for this segment of users.

What has made Southbank a very unique client is the fact that we don’t report on a monthly or year-on-year (YoY) basis due to their promotion based campaigns, which are launched internally and are supported by us.
Before Click’s intervention Southbank were primarily looking at spent vs actual, but when we got involved we also began to look at the interactions of each video to inform and inspire new content.

The results

Southbank joined us in September 2020 on a four month basis, they renewed after this period and again after a further 6 months; in January 2022 they extended their contract with us for an additional 12 months, we’re looking forward to another year of progress and our continued relationship with Southbank.

While we do not report on a general monthly basis, we have given them the scalability, growth and longevity they were looking for since pre September ‘20. The other key thing we’ve helped them with is insight into what is working already. So we can take that data from an audience, ad copy, or video asset perspective and see what’s worked in the past if they are launched with a new, similar, promotion.

We were able to introduce new ways of looking at audience bases, using both data driven audience selection and search-term based custom audience set up and segmentation.

Working with Click during this launch helped us scale considerably on YouTube… they regularly keep us up to date with all of the latest developments from Google, as well as access to beta tests and new platform features that have helped us meet our marketing goals.

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