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International & Multilingual Search Marketing

Developing a strong international SEO profile for your brand involves more than just the creation and translation of articles, blogs and industry news pieces – that’s why our multilingual marketing and multilingual SEO solutions are multifaceted and fit for purpose

It’s not what you say, but how you say it

It has long been the theory that by simply translating text from one language to another you are developing an international marketing presence. In today’s connected world, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

What may be culturally relevant in one nation, may completely miss the mark in another. Understanding context, culture and international best practice, you can begin to define your strategy, build relationships and have content that is locationally relevant for the right audience.

Although the languages that we communicate in may be very different, they are still a form of communication. Understanding others is vital and by making your business receptive to other countries, cultures and businesses, with which English might not be the mother tongue, you put your brand in line for expansion. By taking a multilingual approach you can open your brand to new clients, customers and partnerships and ultimately growth.

Multilingual search marketing campaigns

Pictured above: Some of the countries where we have executed search marketing campaigns to date

Develop your local knowledge, and then use it!

Do infographics work best in Denmark? Does video resonate with Italy? Does product reviewing tick the boxes in France? We get to understand the issues that face the content marketing difficulties in different nations, from here we develop our and your local knowledge so that you can be locally responsive whilst developing your international search visibility.

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International community managers

Community managers provide an in-depth analysis of the marketplace across their own territories. By working closely with them across Europe and Asia, we have developed a network of local marketing knowledge whilst being responsive to the ever changing digital market needs. We get a clear understanding of the content marketing mix, language nuances and what people are talking about on a day to basis.

Why choose us?

  • Expert team with years of experience working in different markets
  • Content marketing team who work with an international knowledge base
  • Language experts on hand to tell you the how not the what

Developing a strong international profile for your brand involves more than just the creation and translation of articles, blogs and industry news pieces – that’s why our multilingual marketing solutions are multifaceted

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