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Organic Search (SEO).
Technical On-Page Organic Search (SEO)

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  • Chapter One: Technical
  • Chapter Two: Strategy
  • Chapter Three: Creative
  • Chapter Four: Relationships
  • Chapter Five: Analytics & Measurability

Although by no means the only factor affecting your search visibility, the technical side of search engine optimisation (SEO) is still the bedrock of a successful SEO strategy

Your technical SEO website audit

At Click Consult, all new clients receive an SEO website audit to ensure there are no technical impediments to their SEO performance. On completion of the audit, we propose the best solutions to improve performance. Our proposed changes can be implemented by our in-house teams or we can work with third party development teams to make sure our recommendations are executed as intended.

Algorithmic updates, real time search and social signals all form part of the continually evolving organic search landscape. As a result, it’s becoming increasingly challenging for businesses to keep up with the digital curve and achieve search success.This is where we come in and by utilising our SEO services you can get back on track.

Our skilled team of search marketing experts apply their expertise, fresh thinking methods and results-driven mentality to your organic SEO strategy, aiming to cut through the noise of your competitors and make your brand stand out from the crowd.

As part of your quarterly strategy, our experienced team of organic search practitioners can check that on-page elements of your website – such as your coding practices, your content and your use of technologies – do not restrict the crawling activities of search engines.

With your permission, we can make any required improvements for you.

We use a point-by-point audit system to review every aspect of your site. Alongside understanding any on-page SEO elements which require optimisation, these audits also include analysis of the website’s backlink profile, as well as analysis of the suitability of the website’s content, both from a user and from a search engine perspective. Our on-page auditing process may look at areas of your site such as meta tags, content and any other relevant on-page elements to identify any areas that need to be optimised – in fact monitorTRAX™, one of our in-house technologies, analyses over 75 off and on-page factors to ensure your site is the best it can be. 
This methodology is cross-checked against contemporary industry standards to ensure that you receive up-to-date, effective advice and recommendations for your website.

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If you have any concerns about the technical build of your website or feel that your website may be a weakness in your SEO strategy, then please do not hesitate to contact Click Consult to arrange a technical SEO audit.

As business decisions go this was probably one of our best. It is not often you find such a responsive and intuitive agency who understand what you are trying to achieve. They get it. They take feedback on the chin, we can be very direct sometimes, and they simply run with it and find solutions that work for us. In a market that over promises and under delivers we trust Click Consult to do an brilliant job. I highly recommend Click Consult

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