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DoubleClick Search (DS) is a search management platform that helps agencies and marketers efficiently manage some of the largest search marketing campaigns in the world, across multiple engines and media channels.

Streamlined workflow and powerful reporting features enable buyers to efficiently run campaigns, while strategic bid optimisation improves campaign performance.

Native integration with the DoubleClick Digital Marketing platform (DDM) allows buyers to manage and track digital campaigns across a single platform, enabling rich, cross-channel buying, reporting and attribution.
Designed for Google’s biggest direct clients and refined to deliver for multiple KPIs, DoubleClick Search can create efficiency and improve performance when campaigns become too large or complex for manual optimisation alone.

Why use DoubleClick Search?

With powerful reporting capabilities that provide fresh and insightful data, DoubleClick allows us to make smarter decisions across all campaigns and maximise the effort we invest in optimisation. A study has shown that it can almost double the value of a campaign.

DoubleClick also allows us to exploit more opportunities across the entire campaign portfolio, with predicted modelling, bidding frequency and automated stock control.

Executive reporting enables us to easily access the insights you need. We take the data from all your search campaigns, segment as needed and present it in an easily consumable visual format, ready to share with multiple team members and stakeholders.

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While we can always optimise PPC campaigns without additional campaign management tools, the sophistication of DoubleClick Search means that the effort invested in optimising a campaign often provides much higher value