Google AdWords Announces 10+ New Features

Apr 22nd, 2014

10+ new AdWords products, features, and research studies will be released, Google announced today. The new features, which the search engine has been developing over the past year, will help AdWords users to keep up with the rapidly changing digital landscape to supply users with the information they’re looking for, when they need it

What’s changed in the digital landscape?

As detailed below, Google has outlined the three key changes within the digital landscape, on which they have based their AdWords changes.

1. It’s no longer about devices. In today’s multi-device digital world, consumers are accustomed to finding the information they need across a multifarious array of devices, from desktops, laptops, notebooks and everything in between. As a result, they expect the right content to be available wherever and whenever they are ready to engage, regardless of the device they’re using.

2. Context matters more than ever. To enhance consumer’s online experiences, we must gain a deeper insight into their context – what ads would they like to see? What type of content do they find useful?

3. Connecting people to content. With an increasing number of consumer touchpoints comes the need for technological innovations that help marketers with the complex task of reaching their users at the moments that matter.

We believe that Google’s updates will affect Paid Search by providing better and quicker reporting, reducing the reliance of AdWords Editor for large scale changes

So what’s changed in AdWords?

With these changes in mind, Google product managers and engineers have released a brand new set of AdWords innovations based around innovative ads, insightful reporting, tools for efficiency and scale. Here is a list of the AdWords features google will be releasing:

1. There will be a number of innovations for App advertising built straight into the AdWords interface. These will include – App keyword suggestions from Google Play, contextual targeting based on other apps users have downloaded from google play and the ability to advertise apps in YouTube using a companion for apps in TrueView. There will also be more powerful App reporting through deep-linking Measurement across lifetime of apps for conversions.

2. Estimated offline conversions will be joining the estimated conversions suite. One early tester of estimated offline conversions saw a 102% uplift ROAS from in-store sales from paid search advertising.

3. There will be increased functionality for bulk edits in the AdWords interface allowing marketers to easily make thousands of changes to campaigns. This is to reduce the reliance on AdWords editor for large scale optimisation and build work.

4. Google announced two new types of automated bidding – maximise conversions and maximise revenue. This will bring enterprise level bidding tools seen in third party tools directly into the AdWords interface.

New AdWords Power Tools

The Innovations that we believe will have the largest impact to paid Search are the two new “power tools”:

Enhanced reporting – Offering pivot tables, custom reports and visualisations using live AdWords data.

Drafts and experiments – go into a ‘draft’ or offline mode. Just like AdWords Editor except you get the added functionality of being able to split test data. This is an improvement on previous ‘AdWords Experiments’ as it will allow completely bespoke changes to be made.

We believe that Google’s updates will affect Paid Search by providing better and quicker reporting, reducing the reliance of AdWords Editor for large scale changes and increasing the amount of scientific testing through statistical tools.

Although there are no massive game changers, Google is integrating a lot of new functionality into AdWords interface.

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