PPC Calculations

Feb 4th, 2016

There are some key calculations involved in judging whether a PPC campaign has been a success – and though some of these are relatively easy to do, sometimes it helps to have a ready made tool to do the legwork for you

There are some issues that cannot be solved by just throwing money at them, and for that reason it is always important to ensure you are doing your sums. Sometimes gains can be better made through CRO or by improving the quality of your ads and this will begin to show in your calculations of the factors listed below. There is often the expectation that a PPC campaign on its own is enough to ensure results, but it is absolutely vital that quality is paramount when you are creating ads – whether that’s ad copy, or simply ensuring that you understand what ads to use for which part of the buyer’s journey.

Nevertheless, the key to understanding how your PPC campaign is progressing is in the sums – and the following, embeddable set of calculators will help you to do that with greater ease.


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Feel free to share and use these calculators to help you make the most of the data at your disposal. Here at Click Consult, we are constantly looking for new ways to share our 13 years of search marketing experience – and as one of the first companies to have offered PPC when it was rolled out in the UK, we have seen PPC develop and grow and have been with it every step of the way.

Want to know more about PPC? Why not check out our PPC Toolkit, or our extensive library of resources and blogs. Alternatively, contact us to see what we can do for you to deliver the PPC success your brand deserves.

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