It’s official: We’re the biggest geeks!

Aug 8th, 2014

Well maybe we’re not the biggest geeks in the world but we are among the biggest…

Earlier this year, Marin Software hosted the SMX “Biggest Search Geek Contest”, testing competitors worldwide on their knowledge and experience of digital marketing through a series of demanding questions, which were to be completed in the smallest amount of time possible. This was all in order to find… the world’s biggest search geek.

The winners of this test were based on the percentage of the series of questions that were answered correctly and combined with the amount of time taken to complete them.

Of course, we at Click were all over this competition, with three members of our PPC team landing themselves in the top 50 highest scorers worldwide. The highest scorer was (drumroll please) Paid Search Executive Dave Karellen, sitting in a very comfortable 9th place! Other participants to be crowned geeks were Paid Search Director Alan Reeves coming in at 24th and Paid Search Executive Carmen Jones coming in at 35th place.

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