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Real-Time Bidding

At Click Consult, we’re experts in real-time bidding (RTB) display advertising and we can help drive brands and SMEs forward 

Real time bidding

Real-time bidding (RTB) refers to the process of buying and selling online ad impressions through real-time auctions. During a RTB auction, the buyer bids on an impression and if the bid is won, the ad is instantly displayed on the publisher’s site. The whole process takes place within a matter of milliseconds.

Here at Click Consult, we access over 33 ad exchanges and over 48,000 publishers that allow us to display your ads on selected websites across the internet. We then utilise a mixture of individual and layered targeting methods to determine the right bid, for the right users, in the right place at the right time.

Layered targeting

Most targeting methods can be layered on top on one another to create more focused target audiences. The process of analysing which aspects of each campaign is working best, creating a bespoke target audience by layering targeting methods to focus purely on this subset of users and create specific ads for these users is an advanced optimisation practice conducted on all display campaigns.

Segmentation is a key principle of our targeting strategy as it allows us to target different segments of your audience with messages that are specific to them. The main targeting methods we use to craft our strategies to reach relevant audience segments are:

Location Targeting– target users in a specific location that your business services or tailor ad messages exclusively to different locations.

Ad Scheduling– decide what times of day and days of the week you want your ads to appear on.

Demographics- target your users based on gender, age and parental status.

Remarketing- allows you to show content to users that have previously visited your site, used your mobile app or interacted with videos on your YouTube Channel. This is a great opportunity to reconnect with users and encourage them to return to the site and convert on their second visit. We tailor our remarketing ad messages exclusively to different user segment groups depending on previously demonstrated level of engagement, pages viewed, source the users entered your site through or activity they performed on the site.

Affinity Audiences- Google provides a choice of over 80 unique user characteristics around lifestyle and interests based on search and browser history. This form of targeting helps you reach users who demonstrated a qualified interest in particular topic and who therefore are more likely to engage with your brand. At click we take

affinity audience targeting one step further with bespoke affinity audiences that are created and tailored to your individual business needs.

In-Market Audiences- Allows us to reach potential customers when they are actively browsing, searching or comparing the types of products you sell. This form of targeting is designed to reach users higher up in the purchase funnel.

Placements- are website ad slots in which your display ads appear. You can choose to show your ads only on certain domains; groups of domains focused around certain theme like travelling or home decorating.

At Click Consult we initially use automatic targeting that we later adjust as we learn more about the online behaviour of your chosen audience. The best performing placements will be targeted with specific ads in their own campaign; likewise the worst placements will be excluded from all campaigns.

Keyword (Contextual) Targeting- we use keywords describing the content you want your ads to appear next to. This can be your best performing search keywords or a unique designed mix that best describes the content of the pages you want your ads to be displayed with.
Topic Targeting-  A broader form of site content targeting is topic targeting where you can chose to display your ads on pages  that relate to a particular topic. At Click Consult we use this form of targeting mainly for brand awareness campaign where the main KPI is generation of website traffic.

The real-time bidding ecosystem

Pictured above: The real-time bidding ecosystem

Advantages of RTB over traditional display buying

Bid on an impression by impression basis – only bid on impressions that are relevant to your marketing goals.

Targeting – you can make the most of first and third party data to target your advertising.

Optimisation – real-time data will be a key factor in improving the accuracy of your advertising campaigns and driving your KPIs.

Reach – with more than 30 ad exchanges and over a billion unique URLs, the reach of RTB is huge.

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