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Paid social has become a key element in the marketing mix over recent years, with brands leveraging Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn to increase the reach of their paid search campaigns, share their stories and build a rapport with their customers and prospects

Encompassing paid ads and sponsored or promoted posts that appear on social networking platforms, social media advertising can be used to send traffic to your profile pages or website and are often used to create an initial buzz around content or to generate awareness of a brand or product.

Paid social advertising is ideal for increasing your brand visibility and reaching users with your brand’s voice and personality.

The best social strategy requires you to make a connection with your target audience, and paid social allows you to further that reach to a new untapped user base, or to strengthen the bond with your current audience.

We are able to act as a social media advertising agency on your behalf, and will review your overall business objectives and marketing strategy to determine the best methods to reach and engage with relevant users, whether it is via B2B, B2C or a combination of both.

Using business and industry data such as Facebook Audience Insight and Sprout Social, we will match your audience profile with the targeting options available to increase the relevancy, ensuring your paid social budget is maximised to hit KPIs.

What are the benefits of social media advertising?

The wealth of information that users share across social networks makes it possible to reach your audience in a way that cannot be done anywhere else, allowing the creation of truly relevant and engaging micro-targeted ads. There’s also the potential for your content to be shared between users across the social channels.

How do we do it?

Once we’ve defined your objectives, we create a strategy that will help to meet your KPIs and targets. We will then work with you to define your audience targeting criteria and get to work on creating ads that have impact and drive results. Your campaigns are continually reviewed and refined in order to maximise performance for your budget.

 Social media advertising allows the creation of truly relevant and engaging micro-targeted ads and the potential for the your content to be shared between users

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