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5 Pillars of Outreach

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5 Pillars of Outreach

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Campaign outreach allows you to extend the reach and impact of your content and brand by having it featured on relevant third party blog sites. This means developing and maintaining relationships with relevant bloggers and offering them unique, relevant, high-value content that their audience will find useful and interesting

It’s a great inbound marketing strategy, and it can also boost your organic search visibility (SEO) when bloggers with trusted and established sites (ie, those with a high domain authority/DA) link back to your site.

The eBook explains the 5 core principles of successful outreach campaigns, covering:

  • The need-to-know info on earning high quality links
  • Identifying the right people to reach out to
  • How to build relationships, not just contacts
  • Making your brand resonate with your target community
  • How to add value with your outreach content