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For the vast majority of businesses, Google is the key to getting noticed. This eBook focuses on how you can optimise your website so that you can climb to the top of search engine results pages, attract more visitors and increase your conversion rates

Confused by the ever-changing search landscape?

If you’re feeling left behind by the changes that have taken place in the organic search game over recent years, you are not alone.

Google algorithm updates, such as ‘Panda’, ‘Penguin’ and ‘Hummingbird’, wreaked havoc on search engine rankings and left many webmasters and site owners feeling that the years of hard work they had put into climbing the Google ladder had been in vain.

All hope has not been lost, however. The game may have changed but we believe it has changed for the better. This eBook explains how you can adapt your search marketing strategies to focus on meeting the needs of the end user, while giving search engines the information they need to give your website the ranking it deserves. Google has long been committed to improving the user experience (UX) of their search engine (after all, that’s what drives their ad revenue!) and, while it hasn’t always been the same for search marketers, there is now little doubt that the last of the loopholes is being closed, rendering it ever more important to practice good SEO hygiene.

What our eBook covers

  • All about the old style of SEO
  • How the game changed
  • Proofing against Penguin
  • The good news!
  • Google’s on your side
  • The human element
  • The incredible power of organic links
  • A search solution that really works

Remember the very first time you launched your website? We bet it was an exciting time and you couldn’t keep away from it! There are fewer things in life more satisfying than getting yourself and your business on the web. But expectations have to be realistic; you’re not going to be an Amazon or an eBay overnight.

Hitting those levels takes a huge amount of careful, strategic planning. One of the most important questions you have to ask is now that your website’s live, how are you going to increase its visibility? The answer for many is with search engine optimisation

Click Consult is committed to raising the standards of the industry through knowledge sharing – if there’s anything you feel we’ve missed or you’d like us to cover, contact us today!

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