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Display Advertising.
Direct Response or Branding

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  • Review of remarketing campaigns
  • Audience & demographic analysis
  • Recommendations on display channel expansion
  • Programmatic display analysis

Depending on your marketing goals, we can focus on direct response ads, brand awareness or  a mixture of both approaches

Direct response (also called performance) display

With advanced targeting based on keywords, context and audience, along with and the ability to tailor ad creatives, display ads generate demand and help you to connect with new customers.

We have complete control over bidding and access to real-time performance data that allows us to measure campaign results and monitor return on post-click sales. This data feeds into bidding and targeting optimisation to enable your ads to achieve and exceed your goals.

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Branding display

The power and reach of display advertising makes it highly effective for increasing brand awareness and establishing brand favourability. Research shows exposure to online display ads generates awareness and interest in a brand, whether or not a user clicks on the ad (for example, Dynamic Logic’s MarketNorms).

Direct response Brand awareness
Example KPIs Revenue/leads, ROI/CPA. Relevant impressions/brand uplift
Engagement metrics, eg, time on site
Preferred pricing model CPC model (cost per click) CPM model (cost per 1000 impressions)


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