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RESOURCES. A guide to conversational search and query variants

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, voice search is growing and it is now a cornerstone of forward-thinking search marketing strategies. As brands and businesses raise their game in terms of search performance, it is vital that they understand some of the nuances that really boost this type of search query.

Over the coming eBook we’ll look at conversational search, compound queries and implicit queries, and see how these considerations can be the difference between high organic search performance and disappearing in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

‘A guide to conversational search and query variants’ contains sections on:

  • What is voice search?
  • Understanding the scale of the voice search market
  • What is conversational search?
  • What are compound queries?
  • What are implicit queries?
  • And more!

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Unlike text search, voice search is not just direct – but often colloquial. If businesses and brands can adapt for this and understand how people speak and search then they are without question heading in the right direction.

There will be a natural leaning from the user to move towards a long-tail search approach as they use voice search. This is the nature of a query in question format and although language will change this approach won’t.

Businesses therefore need to be at the top of their game if they are to succeed. They need to listen and incorporate machine learning in order to best service the queries they receive and to constantly test to make sure that they remain one step ahead.

Click Consult is always looking to help brands raise their game – as a result of that commitment, you can check out our library of resources which deal with the full gamut of search marketing skills, and if one of them helps you then share it and help us to push the search marketing industry forward.

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