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When it comes to your search and digital marketing strategy, one of the best ways to get a better quality of traffic, more conversions and a higher return on investment (ROI) is through paid search (PPC).

The creation and placement of paid ads is something of a science, and, when you get it right, the results can be business-changing. There are, of course, a large number of variables when it comes to the ads, and there is a range of methods in terms of the way businesses bid on certain keywords and terms. This eBook will focus on one such method, programmatic advertising.

What is programmatic advertising?

Programmatic advertising is the way businesses use automated real-time bidding to buy ad space online. Display space is purchased based on algorithms that are developed by dedicated PPC specialists and which correlate with both the desired audience and the services that a business offers.

The most important consideration as to why a business would use a programmatic strategy, is that although it requires a front-loaded strategy and setup in terms of the keyword research and the bidding levels, it then allows much more time for paid search experts to write, optimise and improve ads.

What will this eBook look at?

We’ll cover some of the keys things you need to master when it comes to PPC, including:

  • What is programmatic advertising?
  • How to incorporate it into your strategy
  • Understanding your target market
  • The most popular targeting methods for ads
  • The relationship between Display/Supply Side Platforms and Real-Time Bidding
  • Dangers and considerations of programmatic advertising
  • And more…

This latest eBook has been designed and written with the intention of helping to make an otherwise complicated process as simple and easy to understand as possible. With this in mind, it should allow even a beginner to implement an automated buying strategy. So why not start today?

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