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RESOURCES. PPC Uncovered – Advanced Guide to Paid Search (PPC) Creativity

Paid Search (PPC) is as close as search marketing gets to mathematics – but that doesn’t mean you don’t need creativity! In fact – creativity is necessary at all stages of PPC from analysis to ad copy

While the last two instalments of this series dealt with the creation of a paid search strategy, and then technology, tools and data, this instalment looks to address an often overlooked part of a successfully executed paid search campaign.

With PPC constantly evolving and competition growing ever more fierce, it’s more important than ever to be able to approach it from new and experimental angles in order to outperform your competition.

Your ‘Advanced Guide to Paid Search (PPC) Creativity’ tells you why you need creativity and how to achieve it in:

  • Your analysis
  • Your imagery
  • Your strategy
  • Your ad copy

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The best campaigns use the best tools, they have the best strategies – but they’re also highly creative from start to finish, whether in the way they target their intended demographic or in the visuals used in the ads, you need to be creative as well as analytic to get the most out of your PPC.

For that reason, Click Consult has been working on the PPC Uncovered series, which will help you develop your paid search account from start to finish or help you take the next step up on the ladder.

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