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RESOURCES. PPC Uncovered – Advanced Guide to Paid Search (PPC) Tech, Tools and Data

Paid Search (PPC) platforms have been growing and enhancing their offerings for more than a decade, it can be quite confusing – whether you’re new to the topic or an old hand, there are bound to be areas that have escaped your attention. With Click Consult’s help, that need not be the case

While the last instalment of this series dealt with the creation of a paid search strategy, in order to adequately execute the strategy you create, you’re going to need to ensure you’re armed with the right tools for the job. Thankfully, for PPC professionals of any level of experience, paid search is one of the better provided skill sets in search marketing – with seemingly endless numbers of tools for almost every PPC requirement.

However, with so many sites providing various services, tools, macros and more for the paid search professional, it would make for an excessively long read were we to go through each separately. Instead, we’ll deal with some of the more well-known tools and technologies to make sure you are gathering the right data, serving the right ads earning the best possible return on investment (ROI).

Your ‘Advanced Guide to Paid Search (PPC) Tech, Tools and Data’ includes:

  • What makes a good tool?
  • A guide to AdWords
  • A guide to Bing Ads
  • Ad copy testing
  • Feed optimisation
  • 3rd party software

We think you’ll get a lot out of it – why not share it with someone else who needs it too?

While you may be able to execute a perfectly serviceable PPC campaign using only your wits and your AdWords account, the proper building of sustainable success in paid search relies on data, testing and technology. While you may not wish to use the third party tools we have recommended here, there is a lot to be said for the role of tools in improving the efficiency of campaigns and teams alike.

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