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Whether you’re just starting out, or a seasoned professional, Ad Rank and the many components that make it up can sometimes seem confusing, with this comprehensive guide, Click Consult makes getting to grips with Google’s Ad Rank simple.

The manner in which Google determines the position of paid advertisements is sometimes tough to grasp, so Click Consult has created this eBook to discuss what exactly determines ad position and how to pay less for more.

What is Ad Rank?

The first thing to grasp about the Google auction system is that your maximum bid does not solely determine either your ad’s position, or the amount you will pay for a click. In fact, the total paid for a position is determined by both the bid and Quality Score of an ad which feeds into something called an Ad Rank and is only ever as much as is required to exceed the score of the ad immediately below.

This, according to Google is driven not only by a desire to maximise user experience (UX), but also by simple economics. The better the UX of an ad, they say, the more likely the user is to click through and convert, the more often they do this, the happier the advertisers – equating to more ad spend and increased revenue for Google.

It is no wonder, therefore, that eventual Ad Rank is also influenced by ad quality and relevance in addition to maximum bid.

Click Consult details the many component parts of AdWords’ Ad Rank, from quality to relevance in this new resource. The correct strategy could save you time, money and improve your ROI. Find out about:

  • Maximum bid
  • Ad quality
  • Formats
  • Relevance
  • And more

Have you ever wondered how the position of your ad is calculated? It’s not as simple as highest bid wins and the right strategy can save money. Click Consult were one of the first agencies in the UK to offer a paid search service – and we’ve been learning ever since. To find out more, why not visit our resource section, or contact us to see what we can do for you.

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