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Beginner’s Guide to Google Tag Manager

Beginner's Guide to

Google Tag Manager

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Managing your website’s tags doesn’t have to result in long conversations with web developers, with some help you can do it yourself and improve efficiency and user experience (UX)

Monitoring your site’s performance can be done in a number of ways – with most hosting platforms offering native analytics suites, but there are none as yet that quite manage the accuracy and adaptability of Google Analytics.

Similarly, AdWords is the go to option for managing ads and buyer journeys, then there are a number of other add-ons, monitoring platforms, tracking options and more – all of which will require you to add a ‘tag’ (a snippet of code) to your site’s HTML in order to function.

This is why Google Tag Manager represents not just an organisational or time-saving device but also a method of improving your site’s performance and your site’s user experience (UX). By allowing you to manage and configure all of your site’s tags from a central location, you can ensure that you are able to place and reconfigure tags without requiring a web developer, saving time and money as well as allowing you to respond quickly to the needs of your brand.

This ‘Beginner’s Guide to Google Tag Manager’ provides all you need to begin, from creating your account to your first container and gives food for thought on the strategy elements you’ll need to consider as well best practice hints and tips.

The utility and versatility of Google’s Tag Manager, as well as the long list of supported third party tags makes it perfect whether your brand is just starting out or well established.

Beginner’s Guide to Google Tag Manager

Want to save time, improve user experience (UX) and reduce reliance on web developers? Then Click Consult’s ‘Beginner’s Guide to Google Tag Manager’ is what you need, with sections covering:

  • What is a tag?
  • What is Google Tag Manager?
  • How to set up tag manager
  • Creating an account
  • Creating a container
  • Managing tags
  • How many tags per container?

At Click Consult, we know the importance of efficiency and the value of knowledge, for more industry insights, why not visit our comprehensive resource section and blog. If, once you’ve finished, there are any search marketing subjects you’d like to us to cover or to see our take on – why not contact us?

Meanwhile, we hope this eBook helps you to achieve the results you deserve and wish you success when it comes to managing your tags.

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