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Whether because the two departments have become siloed or simply don’t have enough of an understanding of what the other does, the aims of digital PR and SEO often don’t map exactly – but they can

Effective marketing needs to be holistic, and while it may be unreasonable for every member of every team to know the roles of everyone else, it is desirable for the strategies of each department to be aligned.

This requires that we find the areas of overlap between each skill-set and channel our energy to building the best possible, holistic strategy for our brands. In this respect, there are few marketing skills that are as capable of aiding each other as digital PR and SEO.

Your “A Simple Guide to Digital PR Campaigns for Organic Search (SEO)” eBook includes chapters on:

  • What is a Digital PR campaign?
  • What is SEO?
  • How can Digital PR help SEO?
  • How can Digital PR help SEO?
  • What links for SEO need to do
  • And more!

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While the way rankings are calculated has been in flux for years now, the importance of links has never been in doubt – leading to the popularisation of content marketing and digital PR. However, there are some links that are better than others as far as your SEO efforts are concerned – and it might surprise you to know that this does not depend on domain authority.

At Click, we’re keen to make sure that not only are we keeping on top of best practice but driving it forward – and we see our eBook output as a way of making sure that our readers are able to implement the best tactics, strategies and concepts we develop. We hope you enjoy your eBook!

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