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Content plays a huge part in your search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy. As well as raising brand awareness, building trust and credibility for your brand, and creating connections with customers, its quality and relevance is a major influencing factor for SEO

Content writers often need to create website copy with multiple purposes: you want to convey your brand’s benefits and personality, you want to engage your audience and inspire them to take action and convert; but you also need people to be able to find your website in the first place, which means it needs to be search engine friendly.

Thankfully, these things are not mutually exclusive.

Why is content important for SEO?

Because it aims to return the most relevant and useful results to answer users’ queries, Google rewards those who provide a great customer experience and who regularly publish high quality, customer-focused content. That means that, as well as raising brand awareness, building trust and credibility for your brand and creating connections with customers, the quality and relevance of your content is a major influencing factor for SEO.

The brands that rank highly in search engines results are those that provide potential customers with advice on topics relevant to the reader, or actionable tips that address the challenges they’re likely to face. Examples are blog posts providing useful advice, downloadable eBooks, how-to videos or infographics.

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Without good SEO content, you’re going to fail in two ways:

  1. Your content won’t rank for quality keywords
  2. Your content won’t turn visitors into buyers

This cheat sheet shows you the top 12 ways to create website content that engages your visitors – and improves your chances of being indexed by Google.

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